Brands and Businesses no Longer Represent Their Own Voice

The brand is no longer the deciding voice for your business! Your employees and your customers are! Read more here!

It is pretty interesting that we live in a digital world where we can communicate with anyone we want through the use of various platforms. Even though most of the communication is via text, the people involved in this area are saying that pretty soon we are going to communicate via real-time open video messaging.

The latest research is showing that brands and businesses are boring on social media. The customers simply want to experience something new, to read something interesting, to purchase a unique product or to use a modern service. Apparently, they don’t get this from the current brands. The brands are boring on social media as they usually stick to social media platforms like PR with amplified spam and canned messages. Even though the brands and businesses are boring on social media, the people who are behind those brands aren’t.

So, how brands should speak or act on social media? It is simply impossible for brands to have a human side, to have a personality. Before the pre-social era, the personality of the brands came through in different forms such as sponsorships, commercials, and press releases. However, this read-only communication seems boring and old in our digital time and yet there are businesses who still follow this dull rule of brand voice, brand logic, and brand temperament. Our guess is that people who work behind the scenes do believe brands have personality, even though we all know that they don’t.

So, what is human?

The individuals who work at companies and brands. Many times they are told to not share information about the business, to not have a point of view or now show an opinion. But this goes against the nature of the modern social world.

The businesses have seen that people don’t really care about the brand identity or the company voice. However, they love the idea and the inside view of who works at those businesses. People love interviews, profiles, and expert conversations. In other words, it is the people who make the businesses and brands come alive.

To sum it all up – the brand is no longer the deciding voice for the business. The people who work for the company and the consumers are the deciding voice for the brand!